Tracking, tracking and more tracking! Busy times in the Mas Music Productions recording studio.

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Tracking, tracking and more tracking! Busy times in the Mas Music Productions recording studio.

We’ve had some busy tracking weeks at York Recording Studio! So exciting to have a bunch of local and not so local talent through the recording studio, producing tracks for upcoming EPs, Albums and Singles.

Tracking, tracking and more tracking at Mas Music Productions

A wide range of genres were well represented, from rock to pop to hip-hop we were in the thick of some amazing tunes!

Mas Music Productions 90042

Early morning Mas Music Productions studio days in the vibrant Highland Park neighborhood, Los Angeles 90042

Let the sessions begin!

*Session sax player Fabrizio Gazzola came in to lay down a sick solo on the new Starfire track with Dairenn Lombard. His tone and execution were as usual of the highest caliber and he really finished the song off nicely.

Fabrizio Gazzola and Dairenn Lombard of Starfire

Fabrizio Gazzola tracking saxaphone with Dairenn Lombard of Starfire

*Rocky of RockDie tracked additional bass and vocals on their debut rock EP. It sounded thick and driving, pushing the Fender American Standard Jazz bass to the limit!

Rock en Espanol with RockDie

Bass tracking with Rocky of RockDie

*We then switched gears to produce vocals on the new banger, “Sunshine” from hip-hop artist JunSix. As always his flow was impeccable and we had a blast augmenting the track with some cool vocal tricks and FX….but you’re going to have to check it out online to figure out our recipe!

JunSix vocal production at Mas Music Productions

JunSix recording vocals for “Sunshine” at Mas Music Productions

*Need something a little more organic? Well eclectic indie artist Jared Noble came by with his beautiful upright bass to record some avant garde pieces for his new album. Capturing that powerful and dynamic acoustic instrument was entrusted to our collection of beautiful ribbon mics. The AEA R84 ribbon was used as our room mic with a Beyerdynamic M160 ribbon closer in. These were augmented with the classic Neumann U87 and Beyer MC930 combination. What a great mix of bottom end and string / finger detail. Instant vibe!

Eclectic indie artist Jared Noble at Mas Music Productions recording studio

Avant Garde upright bass tracking with Jared Noble at Mas Music

*Our days at York Recording  begin early to accommodate our host of clientele, so 9am saw us recording an informative and insightful audiobook on real estate Probate with veteran property man Ernie Vargas of Probate Fox. We couldn’t help but get inspired to start a whole real estate side business!

Recording Ernie Vargas at Mas Music Productions

Ernie Vargas in the booth recording his audiobooks for Probate Fox

*We not only are fortunate to work with amazing local talent from the Los Angeles area but we also have clients flying in from all over the United States to work with us. This week Pastor Aristides Mendez and David Calles flew in from Sacramento to record overdubs for his latest album (originally recorded in El Salvador with Jorge Vielman). In town for just a short time meant that we lost no time getting Aristides into the booth and tracking vocals. He responded and did a whopping 5 hour vocal session non-stop! What a trooper. The tracks sounded great and really brought the album to the next level.

Pastor Aristides Mendez and David Calles recording vocals in studio

Pastor Aristides Mendez and David Calles fly in from Sacramento to record at Mas Music Productions

*If you want to keep it closer to home then we have straight outta “Compton” native Bree West who delivered a soulful R&B vocal performance on her debut single “Letting Go”. Set for a quick release, her track has a deep sincerity and soulfulness reminiscent of the classic R&B singers of yesteryear, and all of that from a 20 year old first timer!

Bree West in the studio

Fresh R&B singer Bree West tracking vocals at Mas Music Productions

*After all the loud guitars, banging beats and sweeping vocals, we switched gears (and set alarm clocks) for another early morning voiceover read this time with pro voiceover artist Gloria Rios. The piece happened to be Mark Twain’s “The Decay Of The Art Of Lying”, which had us pondering one minute and laughing the next.

A recording of Mark Twain's "The Decay Of The Art Of Lying" with voiceover artist Gloria Rios

Gloria Rios voiceover artist recording at Mas Music Productions

Another fantastic start to a fantastic day and sure to be another fantastic week at York Recording Studio.

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