Yelp Reviews for Mas Music Productions

Posted on May 14th, by York Recording in News. Comments Off on Yelp Reviews for Mas Music Productions

So once again Yelp has decided to filter out yet more of our clients reviews of their experience recording at the Mas Music Productions studios.

Although a sales person contacted the studio to sell us paid advertising space on Yelp, we haven’t been able to get an answer from the people at Yelp as to why up to 95% of all reviews for the studio get filtered out and won’t show up on a regular search. Rather than simply complaining, we wanted to give both new and old clients the opportunity to research what other peoples experiences in the studio were like.

As with any small business, feedback from our customers is really important to help us improve services and aid in growth. Also potential clients looking for the best recording / music production experience that they can get for their hard … Read More »