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Making of “The Voice” Katrina Parker’s Debut Album, “In & Out of the Dark”

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Check out the behind the scenes making of Katrina Parker‘s debut album “In & Out of The Dark” at York Recording Studio. Recorded over a 4 week period, Katrina and her band fused their live sound with all that the studio had to offer resulting in a diverse sound, showcasing her many talents as both a vocalist and an artist. We’ve come along way since Katrina blew audiences away as a finalist on NBC’s The Voice, she has now established herself as an accomplished artist and her album definitely proves that she has something to say.

Katrina used Kickstarter to fund and promote In & Out of The Dark, and the album was reached its funding goal on February 16, 2013. The album was released on September 10, 2013.

Track Listing:
1.) In and out of the Dark
2.) Oh Yes
3.) Jolene
4.) No Downside
5.) … Read More »

Eric Kufs “The Long EP” released

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York Recording Studio is proud to announce the release of the much anticipated Eric Kufs album “The Long EP”.

Tim Moore at York Recording tudio began producing the album with Eric more than a year earlier, and over the course of the process managed to hone the sound into this organic collection of Soul meets Acoustic Folk. The release party at Hollywood’s famed Hotel Cafe was a great success as Eric and his soul band captivated the audience with the sounds and energy from the new album. Local singer songwriter Chelsea Williams opened the show with an acoustic set and returned to the stage to sing with the full band.

The Long EP is available now at the iTunes store, Spotify and Amazon. The first single “Drop of Honey” has already featured on KCRW radio so if you haven’t already heard it be sure … Read More »

Mas Music on Tour!

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This month Tim from Más Music went on tour in London, Paris and New York City to soak in some of the vast musical history and inspiration these amazing places have to offer.

Thankfully work time was short so exploring he went! The legendary Abbey Road studios was definitely on the list as well as personal favorites such as a 2 year tribute to the late great Amy Winehouse at her estate in Camden and the birth place of Frank Sinatra in Hoboken, New Jersey. Along the way he explored the sights, sounds and streets that brought us Jay Z (Marcy Projects in Brooklyn) to Run DMC (Harlem in NYC). Add in local street and subway performers and you have an inspiring eclectic source of inspiration to bring back to Mas Music Productions studios!

Tracking, tracking and more tracking! Busy times in the Mas Music Productions recording studio.

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We’ve had some busy tracking weeks at York Recording Studio! So exciting to have a bunch of local and not so local talent through the recording studio, producing tracks for upcoming EPs, Albums and Singles.

A wide range of genres were well represented, from rock to pop to hip-hop we were in the thick of some amazing tunes!

Let the sessions begin!

*Session sax player Fabrizio Gazzola came in to lay down a sick solo on the new Starfire track with Dairenn Lombard. His tone and execution were as usual of the highest caliber and he really finished the song off nicely.

*Rocky of RockDie tracked additional bass and vocals on their debut rock EP. It sounded thick and driving, pushing the Fender American Standard Jazz bass to the limit!

*We then switched gears to produce vocals on the new banger, “Sunshine” from hip-hop artist JunSix. As always his flow … Read More »

Yelp Reviews for Mas Music Productions

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So once again Yelp has decided to filter out yet more of our clients reviews of their experience recording at the Mas Music Productions studios.

Although a sales person contacted the studio to sell us paid advertising space on Yelp, we haven’t been able to get an answer from the people at Yelp as to why up to 95% of all reviews for the studio get filtered out and won’t show up on a regular search. Rather than simply complaining, we wanted to give both new and old clients the opportunity to research what other peoples experiences in the studio were like.

As with any small business, feedback from our customers is really important to help us improve services and aid in growth. Also potential clients looking for the best recording / music production experience that they can get for their hard … Read More »

Aaron Childs Drum Tracking

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Aaron Childs stopped by the Mas Music studios today to record drum tracks for his latest release.

Even the pouring Los Angeles rain didn’t dampen spirits and Aaron was able to rip through takes with fire! We adopted a simple setup for the session, trying to keep the tracks as “honest” as possible. Kick, snare, hihat and cymbal was all Aaron used, keeping the sound dry and tight.

The mics consisted of: Neumann U87 – front of kick, Audix D6 – beater side, Snare top – Beyer M201, Snare bottom – Shure Sm81, Hihat – Oktava MC012, Overheads – Beyer MC930’s, Rooms – Beyer M160 ribbons.

We tracked the kit through API 3124 mic preamps apart from the overheads which got the Great River MP 2NV and the room mics which went through a pair of Neve 1073’s. The kick went through a … Read More »