York Recording is proud to utilize the mastering services of Michael Hateley of Lotus Mastering. Our studio engineers and producers want to make the highest quality records possible for our clients and value what a dedicated mastering house can bring to a project. Besides specialized mastering equipment, a highly skilled and experienced mastering engineer can really add the final polish to a great mix.


Mastering Engineer Michael Hateley of Lotus Mastering


Michael Hateley

I’ve been mastering audio for more than 12 years — I worked and trained at Warner Bros. Mastering Studios and have had many of the top record labels as clients. I have mastered thousands of songs and hundreds of major-release record projects. I’ve logged over 15,000 hours of mastering experience with major label and indie artists.
Your music should stand with the music industry’s best. Professional mastering is the only way to go — it just sounds better.

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