Aaron Childs Drum Tracking

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Aaron Childs Drum Tracking
Aaron Childs tracking drums at Mas Music Productions recording studio

Aaron Childs tracking drums on a rainy Los Angeles day at the Mas Music Productions recording studio


Aaron Childs stopped by the Mas Music studios today to record drum tracks for his latest release.

Even the pouring Los Angeles rain didn’t dampen spirits and Aaron was able to rip through takes with fire! We adopted a simple setup for the session, trying to keep the tracks as “honest” as possible. Kick, snare, hihat and cymbal was all Aaron used, keeping the sound dry and tight.

The mics consisted of: Neumann U87 – front of kick, Audix D6 – beater side, Snare top – Beyer M201, Snare bottom – Shure Sm81, HihatOktava MC012, OverheadsBeyer MC930’s, RoomsBeyer M160 ribbons.

We tracked the kit through API 3124 mic preamps apart from the overheads which got the Great River MP 2NV and the room mics which went through a pair of Neve 1073’s. The kick went through a UA 1176 compressor while the room mics got a little treatment from an API 2500 stereo compressor.

And there you have it, a simple, “honest” sounding setup bringing a lot of dry “snap” to the track. Looking forward to the mix!

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